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Reopening UConn

Living on Campus

A Home Away From Home

We are committed to providing as holistic a living experience as possible for our students, while implementing precautions to protect their health. Safety measures include reduced density and a new housing assignment process, earlier move-in and move-out dates, and testing and quarantine protocols.

Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services is available to assist students in securing off-campus housing and to support those students who commute to campus from home. We will enforce the Governor’s executive order and our Student Code of Conduct while being mindful of the unique health and safety implications of endangering behaviors to our campus community during the pandemic.

As always, campus services for students, faculty, and staff are available.

Spring 2021 Housing

Due to COVID-19, UConn will continue under a similar reduced occupancy model of around 50% occupancy for spring 2021. The University is offering robust online course offerings in the spring in addition to in-person learning. Spring housing will not be available to students who are enrolled in online-only classes for the spring semester, unless the student lived on campus during the fall 2020 semester. The University has implemented safety protocols for the arrival and check-in process.

Pre-Arrival Testing

You should have received a secure message form Student Health and Wellness (SHaW) about the required pre-arrival COVID-19 testing. If you have not yet requested the test, do so immediately. As soon as you receive it, administer the test and send it in. Test results must be received by January 14, 2021 by SHaW. If you have not received this or have questions, contact Student Health and Wellness at

Check-In Information

  • Check-in will occur on January 16 and 17.
  • In order to limit the number of people in our residence halls at a given time all students must sign up for an arrival time.
  • Sign up in your MyHousing account by January 12 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Students are expected to arrive during their selected time and may be turned away on campus if they arrive outside their selected time.
  • Students must bring a copy of their confirmation email and UConn ID card.

Arrival Testing

  • You must be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival.
  • This testing will be done at your check-in site (check your email for your check-in site).
  • No student will be issued room keys or allowed to reside on campus without arrival COVID testing.
  • Please go to the COVID-19 testing/check-in site alone to help reduce the number of people in line.
  • Family members and helpers should stay in the car while students follow through with these processes.
  • View further information, including testing and key pick-up locations, at the ResLife site.

Move-In Information

  • Students are permitted only one vehicle at the move-in location. Students should plan accordingly when packing.
  • Students are permitted to have one person with them in their assigned residence hall to help with the move in process. Others that have come to campus with the student must wait outside of the building or in the vehicle.
  • Masks must be worn at all times by students and all others while on campus. Anyone experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 should not come to campus (students or others.)
  • Students must be mindful of time when unloading their vehicle as others need to unload as well.
  • Vehicles must be unloaded at the curb or a designated space.
  • After unloading, vehicles must be moved to the assigned parking area in order to provide spaces for others to unload.
  • Your helper should help unload and carry items in and then leave the campus to reduce the number of people in a building at a given time.
  • It is important that all students and helpers are mindful of physical distancing in the hallways, stairwells, and elevators and that they pay attention to directional signage in the buildings.
  • Students should bring their own hand truck or dolly to assist with carrying items into their residential area. UConn will not be providing carts/dollies or volunteers to help move during spring 2021 opening.

Please review the Temporary Health and Safety Procedures document.

For more information, check the ResLife Spring 2021 Housing FAQs or email

    Post-Quarantine Period Guidelines

    Students living within the residence halls for the Spring semester must comply with the Spring 2021 Temporary Health and Safety Procedures and the Housing Contract. Students are expected to wear a mask or face covering in public; maintain at least six feet of physical distancing and limit time spent closer than six feet apart to less than 15 minutes; and wash their hands often for at least 20 seconds and use hand sanitizer frequently. Residents will be required to submit to periodic testing for COVID-19. Repeated failure to follow expectations such as masking and physical distancing may result in a referral to Community Standards and/or removal from the residence halls.

    Residential Guests

    • No guests are allowed in residence hall rooms, suites, or apartments. Guests are defined as anyone not assigned to that residence hall room, suite, or, apartment. This includes Storrs residential students, Stamford residential students, and all off-campus guests.
    • Storrs on-campus residents may gather with any Storrs on-campus residential student in residential building common spaces, such as lounges and residential area community centers. These students must wear masks, practice physical distancing, and comply with all posted room capacity limits.

    Social Gatherings

    • Residential students can gather in lounge areas but must stay within the posted maximum number of people allowed to gather in each lounge area, wear a mask, and practice physical distancing.
    • Students are welcome to interact with their "residential family units" in interior common areas such as hallways, common rooms, and lounges, while observing masking and social distancing.
    • Students can gather outdoors with other UConn students in small groups, wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.
    • Students can gather in larger groups in outdoor areas according to University guidelines.
    • Use of outdoor recreation areas adjacent to residential facilities must adhere to the Governor's stated guidelines.

    Facilities and Bathroom Use

    • Game rooms in residential areas will not be open for use.
    • Residential stairwells and hallways may be restricted to one-way use. Except in times of emergency, residents are required to abide by these restrictions.
    • Students should minimize time in all shared bathrooms.
    • Residents are expected to use their assigned family unit bathroom only.
    • Students must not not use cell phones or store personal items in shared bathrooms.
    • Residents and guests should wear face masks when using any common-use bathroom (those on non-residential floors).
    • Students should clean bathroom fixtures before and after use. Residents assigned to apartments, suites, and rooms with semi-private bathrooms are responsible for cleaning. These may be inspected periodically by University staff on a schedule that will be shared with residents.


    • Dining Services will continue to offer a variety of menu options and all-day dining for students with meal plans.
    • Offerings will be limited to items served, versus “cook to order” menu items. Service will be a blend of takeout and dine-in to align with Dining Health Requirements.
    • Dining Services has modified its retail policies for the use of points. All changes to Dining Services will remain in effect
      until Dining Health Requirements are revised.
    • Residents may encounter longer wait times than normal when entering dining facilities during the first few weeks of the semester. Dining Services will work to keep residents informed of busier times so that residents can plan accordingly.
    • Please see Dining Services' COVID Updates and FAQs page for up-to-date information on which dining halls are open and whether dining is take-out only or eat-in.

    For more information, read the Department of Residential Life's comprehensive Spring 2021 Housing FAQ here.