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Reopening UConn

Living on Campus

A Home Away From Home

We are committed to providing as holistic a living experience as possible for our students, while implementing precautions to protect their health. Safety measures include reduced density and a new housing assignment process, earlier move-in and move-out dates, and testing and quarantine protocols. Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services is available to assist students in securing off-campus housing and to support those students who commute to campus from home.

As always, campus services for students, faculty, and staff will be available when campuses reopen.

Housing Assignments

  • Our residence halls will open, but with reduced density and a new housing assignment process. Students do not need to apply for housing a second time. We will also set aside dedicated space should we need to quarantine any students during the semester who may fall ill.
  • Decisions for who will be approved to live on campus for the fall semester are being guided by academic priorities of the institution, along with distance of students’ home state or country and students in high need of a safe living environment. All submissions of interest for housing will be evaluated based on these priorities and students will be notified of their status in mid-July.
  • Our housing team will be reassigning all students into housing and we will use the answers that students provide us on the housing application to help us identify a student’s highest preferred room rate. Students will not be able to select specific halls or areas of campus that they would like to be assigned into; all assignments will be based on our available rooms and the overall reduced density for our housing stock.
  • In order to maintain reduced density within the halls, many students will be reassigned into different rooms for the fall semester. All updated assignment information will be available to students in MyHousing by August 1. 
    • Apartment residents: Students currently assigned into apartment spaces in Hilltop Apartments, Charter Oak Apartments, and Mansfield Apartments will have the ability to request up to 3 roommates to live with them in a group of four total students.
    • Suite residents: Students currently assigned to Busby Suites, Garrigus Suites, and South Campus can request one roommate to share a room within these locations.
    • Traditional Hall residents: Students in traditional halls will be assigned into spaces by themselves and will not be able to make roommate requests. Husky Village has a shared bathroom floor and is considered traditional housing.
  • Students in traditional halls cannot sign a waiver in order to have a roommate for the fall semester. The University has made decisions about density in our housing units based on guidance from medical professionals.
  • The housing cancellation fee schedule has been updated due to the changes to campus housing for the fall semester. All on-campus residents will have the option to cancel their housing without cancellation fees until August 14, 2020 by logging into MyHousing. Students who cancel housing after August 14, 2020 will be responsible for 100% of their fall room charges. 
  • Students who do not complete the process to confirm their interest for housing for the fall semester or miss the July 6 deadline will have their previously submitted housing application for the fall 2020 semester automatically cancelled. 

Residential Calendar and Quarantine Period

  • The residential calendar is being shifted two weeks earlier than originally planned (arriving early, departing early).
  • The move-in process will be designed to observe social distancing and protect the health of our community.
  • Students who will live on campus (Storrs and Stamford) will be required to move into the residence halls approximately two weeks before the beginning of classes to allow for a period of testing (as required by the state) and quarantine. Testing protocols or requirements for other student populations are still being evaluated.
  • Students cannot leave campus or go to work during the two-week quarantine period. The objective of the 14-day self-quarantine for students in residential housing is to create a potential area of protection in a place where control measures such as social distancing and universal masking are not always possible. Limiting potential outside exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 protects everyone in the residential community.
  • Alternative options for students who are not able to complete the 14-day self-quarantine due to prior obligations remain under review. 
  • Students who establish residency on campus should plan to remain on campus for the duration of the contract. 
  • Students who are unable to return home and must remain in the residence halls after Thanksgiving will be permitted to stay following a review by the Department of Residential Life. However, for safety reasons, they will not be permitted to leave campus for the Thanksgiving break.
  • Housing and dining fees will remain unchanged.
  • All dining halls will be open, however, services will be take-out only. Should the University allow dine-in service at some point during the semester, seating would be limited and tables would be spaced to allow for adequate physical distancing. For up-to-date information about other dining locations, such as the cafes, visit the Campus Services page.

For more information, read the Department of Residential Life's comprehensive Fall 2020 Housing FAQ here.