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Reopening UConn

Info for Students

On, With Inspired Energy

UConn has always been a university propelled by momentum as we seek to create a better world. We are a community united by pride and a sense that what we can accomplish together is limitless. This spirit will continue to fuel our progress as we adjust to our changing reality, all doing our part to ensure the health of our community.

With our comprehensive plans in place, all new and returning students will experience the inspiring academics, vibrant student life, and rich support that are the hallmarks of a UConn education while keeping health and safety at the forefront.

Adjustments to the academic calendar and flexibility in how classes are delivered and received allow students to continue their journey to a degree while minimizing the risk of COVID-19 transmission within our community. Protocols related to living on campus such as reduced density in residence halls, take-out only dining, and physical distancing measures throughout our facilities will ensure students have continued access to necessary campus services.

To bolster a sense of community at a time when we must remain physically distant, we will continue and expand U-Kindness, a University-wide initiative intended to inform, engage, and connect with students during the COVID-19 pandemic. The U-Kindness portal will provide information on approaches we can take to keep our community safe, healthy, and connected through a variety of student-focused initiatives.

The University is making fee modifications for qualifying students. Please visit the Bursar's Office FAQ page for details, including fee structure information for Fall 2020.

U-Kindness social distancing doesn't mean social isolation


U-Kindness is a University-wide initiative intended to inform, engage, and connect with students throughout the University during the COVID-19 pandemic.


As we reopen, graduate students across the University will continue to receive the utmost support, guidance, and care while progressing toward their degrees. In addition to University-wide protocols and precautions detailed throughout this website, graduate students should be aware of the following information specific to them.

Information for all graduate students

  • All services offered through The Graduate School will be available by appointment. Remote appointments via web conferencing will be generally available, but in-person appointments will be very limited.
  • Graduate courses will be offered in person when the number of students is small and classrooms allow for physical distancing.
  • Many classes will be recorded and available for online viewing, even when instruction is primarily in person.
  • Graduate students will continue to be able to conduct research, but the conditions vary dramatically depending on the field of research. Off-campus research within the United States will be permitted when approved through OVPR.
  • Access to specialized campus facilities to pursue research will require safety procedures, including reduced occupation levels.
  • If you need help finding a place to live, Off-Campus Housing provides many resources to help you.
  • The Graduate School's website will house additional information as UConn reopens.

Information for graduate students who expect to hold graduate assistantships

  • If you received a graduate assistant offer, the University will honor it so long as you are able to perform the duties associated with the assistantship.
  • The specific duties associated with your assistantship might change. If you have questions about your duties, contact your advisor, the instructor of the course in which you are assisting, or your department head.
  • Graduate assistant appointments begin on August 23, and all graduate students are expected to be available at the start of their appointment.
  • Graduate students who reside outside the U.S. and are unable to arrive by August 23 should consult with their department concerning the availability of an assistantship and the ability to take courses without a tuition charge.