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Reopening UConn

Health & Safety

The Power of the Pack

It's up to all of us to keep ourselves and each other safe. UConn has remained open with the confidence that when we all work together, we can succeed.

UConn's experts developed comprehensive plans for reopening regarding every aspect of campus. Visit the Department of Environmental Health and Safety's COVID-19 Resources page for a toolkit of information and interactive courses aimed at educating our community on the latest reopening protocols.

Maintaining safety precautions is the responsibility of every employee; faculty and staff are encouraged to politely remind colleagues to adhere to safety protocols if they are not doing so.

Students are advised on expectations through signage presented throughout the campus. Students cannot attend in-person classes or University events if they do not wear a mask and adhere to physical distancing requirements. Repeatedly failing to follow these expectations may result in a referral to Community Standards and/or removal from the residence halls. Following the community expectations is a necessary act of support for all members of UConn Nation.

We will continue to use sound protocols and protective measures to mitigate risk. Here’s how.

Reducing the population of faculty, staff, and students across all campuses whenever possible through:

  • Reduced classroom, residence hall, and meeting room occupancies
  • Allowing for continued telecommuting wherever possible
  • Work crew rotations and flexible schedules
  • Online education when beneficial to supplement or replace large classroom settings
  • Limiting large events and visitors on campus

Health screening and monitoring protocols to maintain the wellness of our community, including:

Education and engagement of the community to maintain a safe campus via:

  • Mandatory COVID-19 safety training that includes instruction on physical distancing, wearing of face coverings, hand hygiene, and sanitation
  • Required masking and physical distancing in classrooms and all other common areas and workspaces indoors and outdoors on campus. The University will work with students and employees who are unable to wear a mask to find an effective solution that will ensure the safety of others. The University has procured a sufficient number of masks to distribute to our entire population. Other than those who are unable to wear a traditional mask due to a medical condition, for example, masking in classrooms and other commons spaces is not optional.
  • Safety signage and regular messaging that is clear and accessible
  • A community commitment to follow health and safety protocols
  • COVID-19 safety resources to help workers stay safe

Implementing structural transmission prevention measures, including:

  • Allowing for physical distancing in classrooms and learning spaces
  • Creating pedestrian movement patterns through both open and closed spaces
  • Posting visual cues to assist physical distancing
  • Establishing touchless point-of-service technology

Enhanced cleaning and hygiene protocols, including:

  • Frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces
  • Hand sanitizer stations made available at the entrances to buildings and classrooms
  • Providing cleaning/disinfecting supplies for commonly used surfaces
  • Encouraging personal hand hygiene practices

Update on PPE and Masks

As the overall logistics situation has improved over the last six months, PPE has become more available. Review these resources for obtaining various types of PPE and masks.

  • Surgical-type paper procedure masks and cloth masks can be obtained from the UConn Warehouse utilizing the request form on their website. Cloth masks are also available at the UConn Bookstore with a UConn ID.
  • Clear face shield and microphone covers for instructors can be obtained from CETL by emailing
  • PPE necessary for laboratories, research programs, and facility operations can be obtained through the normal procurement process through HuskyBuy:
  • If you have needs beyond these types of PPE, please reach out to Amy Allen, Associate Director Supply Chain Management, at, to discuss options.

Please note: Any COVID-related masks and supplies made available centrally at no charge to the community cannot be independently purchased and charged to research accounts.  However, any COVID-related supplies not made available centrally may be charged to research accounts provided they are warranted/allowed per the research grant.