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Reopening UConn

Gateways to Reopening

The Governor's Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group, which included members from UConn and other state colleges and universities, set the following key conditions for reentry that the state and UConn are responsible for meeting. The current status of each is noted.

  • The prevalence of the disease must be low enough to safely resume operations on our campuses. For residential undergraduate programs, public health experts recommend a sustained low and non-increasing rate of new hospitalizations in the state and the community surrounding each college. Status: Complete
  • The State must ensure that colleges and universities have adequate supplies of viral diagnostic tests and adequate financial support to obtain, administer, and process them. Nonresidential institutions must test symptomatic students, faculty, and staff; residential institutions must also test students upon arrival and at appropriate intervals thereafter in accordance with prevailing public health guidance. The allocation of tests to colleges and universities by the State is an essential pre-requisite for reopening. Status: Complete
  • The State should enable institutions to have adequate capacity for contact tracing. Status: Complete
  • The State should provide specific public health guidelines for colleges and universities, covering the wearing of face masks, physical distancing, and the density of dormitories, dining halls, and classrooms. Status: Complete
  • The State should ensure that adequate supplies of PPE and face masks will be available to colleges and universities. Status: Complete
  • Adequate surge capacity must be available in nearby health care facilities and hospitals. Status: Complete
  • UConn (and all other Connecticut institutions) must develop the following plans:
    1. A plan for repopulation of the campus
    2. A plan for monitoring health conditions to detect infection
    3. A plan for containment to prevent spread of the disease when detected
    4. A plan for shutdown in the event it becomes necessary

    Status: Complete

    Read the University's Phase 3 Reopening Plan.